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Rand Fishkin is a guest on The Present Beyond Measure Show: Data Visualization, Storytelling & Presentation for Digital Marketers

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Mind-blowing Professional Presentation Tips with Rand Fishkin

Mar 24, 201663 minutes

Rand Fishkin is one of the most revered, most followed, and most celebrated figures in the digital marketing world today. He’s made his astoundingly valuable and popular Whiteboard Friday video series a digital household name.

He has a knack for turning industry conference audiences into drooling, raving fans (including myself), and routinely dominates every conference speaker leaderboard he graces.

And in this episode, Rand brings absolutely mind-blowing techniques for creating presentations that wow audiences and deliver insane value. Whether you’re running small internal meetings or delivering a keynote at a huge conference, these tips are priceless.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How Rand evolved from mediocre to a top-rated in-demand pro speaker
  • Planning and brainstorming secrets from Whiteboard Friday
  • Why his #1 presentation tip is to deliver exclusive, actionable advice
  • How to conduct presentation audience research to create resonance
  • How he refined his speaking skills through recording himself
  • Why consistently scoring in the top 25% should be every speaker’s goal
  • Tips for keeping an audience engaged through longer sessions
  • How to handle awkward moments like humor that falls flat

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