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Narrative Arc: The Missing Tool in Your Data Stories with Brent Dykes

Jan 8, 202056 minutes

With over 15 years of enterprise analytics experience at monster platforms like Domo, Omniture, and Adobe, Brent Dykes knows a thing or eight about leveraging thoughtfully presented insights to effect organizational change and success.

Brent stopped by the show to discuss his new book, Effective Data Storytelling: How to Drive Change with Data, Narrative and Visuals. It’s one of the most comprehensive reads on the subject I’ve found to date, and dives deepest into the role of narrative arc structure in data presentation (often the most vital, missing ingredient!)

In This Episode, You’ll Learn…

  • Who should read his latest data storytelling book and what they’ll be able to do after
  • How to avoid the communication and ethical pitfalls of common “data forgeries”
  • A deep dive into narrative arc structure, a vital missing ingredient from many presentations
  • How to use analogies and metaphors to explain complex and technical concepts
  • Successful strategies for effecting change in an organization’s data democratization process

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