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Kevin Hillstrom is a guest on The Present Beyond Measure Show: Data Visualization, Storytelling & Presentation for Digital Marketers

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Get Stakeholder Savvy and Win at Your Data Presentations with Kevin Hillstrom

Oct 18, 201862 minutes

Kevin Hillstrom has nearly thirty years of hands-on analytics experience and a proven track record as an Executive at a ten billion dollar a year retailer.

He is President of MineThatData, where he helps Executives at Retail and Online brands understand how their customers interact with merchandise, advertising, and channels.

He is known for many things, including his optimizing catalog marketing budget, e-mail personalization via segmentation, persona development, and most importantly, his five-year sales forecasts that accurately project where a business is headed given its strategic choices. He has been interviewed by the New York Times, the Boston Globe, and Forbes.

Kevin's blog is one of the most widely read in the marketing industry, with approximately ten-thousand monthly followers, subscribers, and website/blog visitors.

In this episode, Kevin explains the different ways he builds trust with his audiences, and he also breaks down his self-created Stakeholder Quadrant formula that helps him tailor his presentations to meet the needs of all of his audience members.

In This Episode, You'll Learn…

  • How his early career choices taught him the value of creating and presenting information in a way that is different from anyone else.
  • His "tidbits" method for taking open-ended questions and helping companies make changes in small and easier to implement doses.
  • The catastrophe that changed the course of his career and helped him rethink his approach to data and presenting.
  • How he creates trust with his clients and why it is important.
  • His method for catering his presentations to address the majority and minority in his audiences.
  • The wise advice he would share to his career beginner self.

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