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Jeff Sauer is a guest on The Present Beyond Measure Show: Data Visualization, Storytelling & Presentation for Digital Marketers

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Inspiring Your Analytics Stakeholders to Take Action with Jeff Sauer

May 5, 201657 minutes

Today’s guest works harder than anyone I know to create super useful analytics content and resources for our industry.

Depth of Knowledge. The Periodic Table of Google Analytics. The Jumpstart Podcast.

These are all resources created by Google Analytics / PPC guru / dear friend Jeff Sauer of Jeffalytics, one of the most authoritative and actionable measure blogs in the space.

He also routinely delivers his extensive expertise to worldwide audiences and is a sought-after speaker on the analytics conference circuit.

And in this episode, he brings his pragmatic philosophy on creating stakeholders that truly believe in your work and careers that fulfill your aspirations.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How to channel your passion and transfer that energy to your audience
  • Why every talk should end with a blueprint for the audience's next steps
  • The key to building analytics teams with complementary skills that leverage strengths
  • How to confidently defeat Imposter Syndrome during presentations
  • Why you need to find an internal champion for your work as an analyst

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