How To Create A Killer Webinar That Closes Customers with Tim Paige

May 2, 201977 minutes

Tim is considered a megastar in the digital marketing and online entrepreneurial space and he has a massive knowledge set when it comes to delivering webinars, especially for the Software as a Service (Saas) industry.

In his role as a certified webinar rockstar, Tim has given over 1,000 live webinars for companies like Leadpages, Social Media Examiner, Smart Marketer, Drip, and many more. He has helped his clients earn over $12 million in revenue.

Also, he is a professional voice actor so you might have actually heard his voice on NBC, The Weather Channel, Jimmy Kimmel, on Audible, the intro on my podcast!

In this episode, Tim shares some of his most top-secret tips and tricks for creating webinars that convert customers. He shares his journey from being asked to do his first webinar with only one day notice to being the dynamic webinar presence he is today.

Also, he explains the importance of authenticity and care for impacting your audience.

In This Episode, You'll Learn…

  • How Tim fell into the webinar world on accident while working at LeadPages, which began with him having a one-day notice to prepare and present his first webinar.
  • His secret ingredients for successful webinars including different things he sees happening now and what should be done instead.
  • The real secret that there isn't actually a secret, just the importance of valuing people.
  • How important it is for people to focus on their Live presentation AND their follow-up.
  • The emphasis he places on making sure all audience members leave with something, even if they can't afford to pay or are not going to buy.
  • How being transparent, real, honest, and open influence conversions.
  • His mindset around sales and responsibility for sharing your special skill set with the world.
  • The story of his highest converting webinar, and how being human made a difference.
  • His favorite and least favorite metrics for analyzing webinar success.

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