Presenting Split and AB Testing Results with Valerie Kroll

Jun 13, 201956 minutes

Valerie Kroll is a growing powerhouse in the measure and presenting community and in this show, she brings insight from a very specific and mystical arena of digital marketing, one I have been waiting for years to tackle on this show.

What is it, you might ask? How to present split and AB testing and conversion rate optimization results!

Valerie is passionate about data and she leverages her enthusiasm to help stakeholders make smarter decisions and mitigate the risks that come with digital experimentation and optimization.

As the optimization director at Search Discovery, she gets to spend her days crafting evidence-based hypothesis libraries and utilizing advanced AI testing platforms.

Valerie is easily one of my favorite success stories and I am proud to present her as my latest superstar in my Women in Analytics spotlight.

In this episode, Valerie discusses how to pass the test on presenting test results. More specifically, she answers several of my burning questions and shares her approach to building stories, dialing it all down, and working to really move the needle for her clients.

In This Episode, You’ll Learn…

  • How learning to present data effectively propelled her from nearly quitting her job in market research to testing and conversion rate optimization management.
  • What makes CRO different for her
  • How she uses analogies to make her data more relatable to the audience.
  • How to incorporate her “diet hypothesis statement.”
  • How Valerie uses “if, then, because” statements and interactions to reach the audience.

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