Presenting Marketing Measurement Effectiveness with Gary Angel

May 22, 201969 minutes

Gary is a legend in the digital analytics space. More than a thought leader, he is also a guide for thousands of analysts in maturing their business savvy and technical acumen. He is the CEO and Founder of Digital Mortar, a company providing cutting edge measurement and analytics tools for optimizing physical spaces and tracking the in-store customer journey to help optimize store layout, merchandising, and staff performance.

Besides publishing more than twenty whitepapers on digital analytics, he is a frequent speaker and in 2012, he won the Digital Analytics Association Award for Excellence and The Most Influential Industry Contributor.

He is the host of the Measurement Minute podcast and is the creator of the Semphonic Xchange Digital Analytics Conference, now known as Digital Analytics Hub.

In this episode, Gary shares his valuable insights on presenting data, the importance of listening, and exceptional strategies for communicating complex models..

In This Episode, You'll Learn…

  • How Gary's strengths have always been measuring marketing effectiveness, but not presenting that measurement
  • His surprisingly love of challenging audience questions.
  • The one effective trick Gary uses to turn presentation fear around
  • Lea's valuable insight into the importance of visual tools when presenting.
  • Lea's on-the-spot analysis of Gary's PowerPoint, one of the biggest moments on the PBM podcast!
  • The important benefits of having a senior advocate in your court
  • Gary's valuable advice about working on the things that scare you

Gary's Upgrade:

  • "It doesn't matter how good your presentation looks if you don't have something important to say. Many analysts don't have the courage to disagree with the client. No one likes delivering bad news, but you have to be willing to put yourself out there sometimes."

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