Primp Your Slide Vol. 2: Stacked Bar Chart with Survey Data

Oct 22, 201522 minutes

This special video edition features my first makeover of a listener-submitted viz! If you'd like to watch the video version, go to <>.

Today’s submission comes courtesy of Donal Phipps (@DonalPhipps). He sent in a variety of different slides, but one in particular caught my attention.

It was a dual-axis stacked bar chart showing voice-of-customer survey responses with website traffic. He stated a very clear objective for the viz which was a great start, but the chart fell a bit short in fulfilling its duty as his insight wingman. This episode shows you how I applied the PICA methodology to find the real story and create a viz that sends it home.

And now, it’s your turn. Go to to submit your charts or slides for a free video makeover!

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