6 Simple Steps for Giving Powerful Constructive Criticism

Jan 3, 201930 minutes

Who else shudders when their manager asks to give you some “constructive criticism” about your latest data presentation?

Digital practitioners have to give and receive feedback on data presentations and other work every day.

But how often do we feel like our hard work has been ripped to shreds?

And how does that affect the outcome of the actual presentation, when tempers are running high and rapport is running low?

After studying Non-Violent Communication for two years, I realized there was a more effective way to deliver feedback that makes people WANT to use your suggestions.

It's called The Conscious Critique, leveraging a method to A.S.S.E.S.S. other's work in a mindful, kind, and productive way.

My A.S.S.E.S.S. critique method will help you keep the peace and create a communication culture of feedback without fear.

To download the Conscious Critique Script Cheat Sheet, visit LeaPica.com/CritiqueScript

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