Presenting Your Way to Thought Leadership with Moe Kiss

Nov 14, 201863 minutes

Moe Kiss leads the analytics team at The Iconic where she spends her days understanding customer behavior through data and analytics. She is an active organizer in the analytics community and President of The Analytics Association in New South Wales, Australia.

She co-hosts a bi-weekly podcast you may know called The Digital Analytics Power Hour on All Things Analytics. She is a strong advocate for gender and cultural diversity, organizational mentoring, and networking.

And in this episode, Moe breaks down presentations by sharing her journey from stage fright to successful presenting. She talks about the people who inspired her, the tools she uses to engage the audience and work with the performance jitters, and the skills she has gained in reframing the "Imposter Syndrome" into success.

In This Episode, You'll Learn…

  • How she was able to overcome performance anxiety to give presenting a chance.
  • The people who inspired her to jump into the data and analytics world.
  • Why she goes back to watch her performances and how she uses those videos to become an even stronger presenter.
  • How she moved from creating powerpoints to writing memos.
  • Who her biggest inspirations are and why they are significant.
  • How she reduces the potential for color to improperly influence her interpretations of data.

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