The Best Data Storytelling Advice I’ve Ever Gotten with Scott Berinato

Aug 8, 201863 minutes

Scott Berinato is the author of “Good Charts,” where he helps people turn their plain or uninspiring charts into visualizations that clearly convey ideas powerfully. This book has quickly rose the ranks of my top-recommended data storytelling and visualization reads for anyone who presents data.

He is a self-described “dataviz geek” and Senior Editor at the Harvard Business Review. He created the successful “Vision Statement” department in the magazine, has written and edited many articles for HBR and other top business and tech-related print and web publications.

In this episode, Scott breaks down the most important concepts of data viz and creating good charts while also explaining the significant role storytelling plays in presenting data to your audience.

In This Episode, You’ll Learn…

  • How he differentiates between a well-built chart chart and a good chart by determining whether or not it conveys an idea to the audience.
  • His method for developing the Quadrant Model, his good chart matrix.
  • The tools he uses most frequently for his dataviz work.
  • How he finds business success by developing and supporting a team model.
  • How he uses colors to convey his message, without overdoing it.
  • His view on data and storytelling and how they are connected.
  • Several of his best practices and mindsets that help him achieve success.
  • The resources that inspire him, like the Washington Post article about the Trade War, with nearly perfect visualization.

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