Learning Google Adwords and Analytics Like a Boss with Benjamin Mangold

Apr 18, 201854 minutes

Benjamin Mangold is an author, blogger, speaker, and knowledge-sharing Google Analytics and Adwords expert.

He is the Co-Founder and CEO of Loves Data, a digital analytics and online advertising agency. He is also the author of Learning Google AdWords and Google Analytics, a practical step-by-step guide that teaches how to use Google AdWords and Google Analytics together or separately.

Benjamin was personally invited by Google to become a Google Certified Trainer for Google AdWords and Google Analytics and he was actually the first Google Certified Trainer outside of the United States.

In this episode, Benjamin will share his extensive knowledge of analytics, advertising, and also his tips for creating and keeping audience attention during presentations.

**In This Episode, You’ll Learn…

  • How Benjamin’s career interests moved from Graphic Design to Analytics Consultancy.
  • How his Google Analytics and Adwords book is designed to take complex information and make it clear and concise for his readers.
  • His tips for creating custom reports for email campaigns.
  • His favorite part of his book, where he moved beyond explaining what a report means, and instead gives actionable tips for utilizing his advice.
  • How he sets up his presentations to help his audience know why they are there and what value he is going to deliver to the audience.

**How to Keep Up with Benjamin:

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