Psychology-Based Persuasive Presentation Principles with Evan LaPointe

Feb 14, 201858 minutes

Evan LaPointe is an industry-recognized entrepreneur, writer and speaker, and dear colleague, and is a rare mix of businessman and passionate geek. He is the inventor of Satellite, now known as Adobe DTM, a dynamic tag management system that is used on thousands of websites worldwide to deploy the Adobe Analytics suite.

And in this episode, Evan brings his deep experience as an analyst intermingled with rare neuroscience angle that will help you build trust and innovate in presenting your insights right away!

In This Episode, You’ll Learn…

  • How Evan learned to persuade and inspire using psychology-based presentation practices
  • How many and what kind of recommendations to present to build stakeholder trust
  • How to identify your presentation blind spots and collaborate with others to repair them
  • How studying the structure of music theory can clue you into effective data storytelling *T ips for presenting aggregate numbers and calculations that set the stage for deeper dives

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