Audience Q&A: Stock Imagery Sources, Presentation Handouts & Cultural Challenges

Oct 12, 201729 minutes

As an admitted podcast junkie, one of my favorite kinds of episodes is created around the burning questions from the listener audience. To me, this is true customer-centricity!

After delivering talks at close to thirty conferences and workshops, I’ve begun to notice the same three questions bubble up again and again. What are the top three questions I get asked at every event? They are:

  1. Where do I find good sources of presentation imagery?
  2. How do I create effective presentation handouts in addition to great live slides?
  3. How do I make my stubborn work culture adopt your presentation principles?

In This Episode, You’ll Learn:

  • Why and how to use powerful and relevant real life imagery in your presentations
  • The best sources of free and paid high-quality stock photography and illustrations
  • Why I believe presentation handouts are the root cause of corporate meeting malaise
  • My personal system for creating effective presentation handouts and still rocking your live slides
  • How the Six Human Needs framework can help you overcome cultural roadblocks in pushing presentation change through your organization

Resources and People Mentioned:

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