Learn What Moves Your Presentation Audience with Sally Koering Zimney

Apr 14, 201755 minutes

Sally Koering Zimney is a pro presentation coach who lives for learning about what moves people during a really impactful talk. She is a professional speaking coach and trainer, and has been speaking, performing – and coaching speakers – for nearly two decades.

Sally is also the host of the This Moved Me Podcast where she interviews the leading experts of presentation prowess in a conversational intimate setting.

In This Episode, You’ll Learn…

  • How to create moving moments in small or internal meetings
  • Why using creative energy can make presentations more meaningful
  • Tactics to take an objective look at the ebb and flow of a presentation and how to incorporate those elements into a usable presentation template
  • How storytelling can break down the wall between the presenter and the audience and create an important connection

And in this episode, Sally discusses with me what moves people during a really impactful talk.

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