Training Google Analytics Grasshoppers into Analyst Ninjas with Justin Cutroni

Nov 7, 201649 minutes

This episode's guest is best known for equipping analysts with Google Analytics firepower. Justin Cutroni is the revered Analytics Advocate at Google and works with educational teams to drive content strategy, product teams to provide real user feedback and sales and marketing teams to help evangelize Google’s analytics products.

Justin helps analytics practitioners get the most out of their Google Analytics investment, has written three Google Analytics books, and is the author behind the mastermind behind the Analytics Talk blog. He has presented across the globe and uses a presentation style that is authoritative, approachable and easy to understand.

And in this episode, Justin hashes it out with me on how to become an indispensable Google Analytics rockstar. And best of all, it was great to see what a fun, approachable guy he is. We had a blast!

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