Creating a Data-Savvy Stakeholder with Juice Analytics

Aug 4, 201654 minutes

This episode’s guests are on a mission to create data-savvy organizations by improving the dialogue between analyst and stakeholder.

Zach and Chris Gemignani are the brain trust behind Juice Analytics, a company dedicated to helping organizations learn the language of their data and very good friends of mine.

They are authors of one of my favorite data presentation books called Data Fluency, one of my most frequently recommended books for my training workshop students. Data Fluency is a practical and

They are also creators of JuiceBox, a new kind of tool for visualizing enterprise data in the form of stories, not data dumps. It’s an elegant solution for walking important business owners through the story of their data in a truly digestible format while freeing analysts up to focus on deep-dive analysis that will make big impacts on the business.

And in this episode, Zach and Chris hash it out with me on the top ways analysts can bring their A-game to the conference room table by presenting insights that meet their stakeholders where they are in extracting maximum value from their analytics investment.

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