June Dershewitz on Analytics Analogies for Complex Concepts

Feb 11, 201627 minutes

June Dershewitz is a long-standing pillar of the digital analytics community whose job description regularly includes breaking down complex analytical concepts for lay audiences. Listen in for her best internal meeting and conference presentation tips for standing out and driving huge value to your audiences. In This Episode, You’ll Learn: - June’s top tips for presenting complex analytical concepts to non-technical audiences - Why she rehearses her material in front of non-threatening audiences (like family!) - Why her biggest presentation pet peeve is a wall of text and bullet points - Why she often brings a junior colleague to co-present with her - Tips for transmitting insights over email when you can’t present live - How she defied gender limitations within extremely technical, male-dominated fields To view the show notes and resources for this episode, visit LeaPica.com/015.

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