5 Productivity Tips for Dominating Presentation Crunch Time

Jan 28, 201622 minutes

Today we're talking about a common New Year's Resolution: increased productivity. Between taming my insane calendar, finishing my toddler’s playroom and writing my first eBook, I have several daunting goals to choose from this year.

I’ve always been a bit of a productivity junkie (let’s be honest, I’m just technically lazy.) Discovering my first keyboard shortcuts was a transformative moment indeed, and since then I've crusaded to get my valuable time back by creating a productive work environment.

Here are my 5 best tips for staying productive when you’re burning the midnight oil on your next presentation!

In This Episode, You’ll Learn:

  • The real cost of constant workplace interruptions on our daily productivity
  • How to stem the tide of external noise like your phone, email and social media
  • The best tools for keeping your productivity plan on track
  • The importance of taking breaks and working movement into your workday
  • Strategies for communicating the value of your time and setting expectations

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